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[Kenya] Mind Education Leadership Workshop for Regional Heads of Kenyan Ministry of Youth


In line with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with the Ministry of Youth in June, the Kenyan branch initiated a mind education program for youth. In September, a three-week mind training camp was conducted in four different regions, witnessing positive transformations among many youths. Inspired by these changes, the Ministry of Youth requested the Kenyan branch to rapidly implement mind education nationwide and enhance collaboration. Subsequently, a Mind Education Leadership Workshop was organized for eight regional heads and officials overseeing the 47 counties in Kenya.

The workshop took place from October 2nd to October 4th, targeting national regional heads of the Ministry of Youth. The orientation on the first day included the participation of the Head of Program Development for the Ministry of Youth.

The Head of Program Development stated, "Through the previous MOU, we were able to provide various programs to the youth nationwide. For continuous education, it is crucial to educate regional heads of the Ministry of Youth. Through this Mind Education Leadership Workshop, they will develop deep thinking and strong minds. We plan to train 300 youth officers annually, and we have high expectations for the positive changes in Kenya through mind education."

John Kim, the branch director, emphasized the importance and necessity of mind education. He stated, "To bring about change in youth, deep thinking, strong minds, and interaction are required. However, many people are trapped in the belief that it is impossible and easily give up without doing anything."

In the action learning sessions, each team chose one of the five topics: drugs, unmarried teenage mothers, unemployment, suicide, and crime. They discussed ways to address the chosen issues. Participants attentively listened to mind lectures each hour and took a mind education test to consolidate their learning.

Joshua, the regional head of Nyanza, shared, "Our team discussed crime. We deliberated on a system that allows youth exposed to crime to be guided and instilled with the correct values in life through mind education. The Mind Education Leadership Workshop is crucial for implementing this program, and regularly conducting such education will enable many mind education leaders to provide practical mind education for youth."

The workshop concluded with the Deputy Director, Raymond Ochieng, representing the Ministry of Youth. He emphasized the significance of the partnership between the Ministry of Youth and the Kenyan branch and stated that the workshop provided a valuable opportunity to change the mindset of their executives. He expressed optimism that through mind education, the future generation of Kenyan youth would establish the right values. This workshop provided a meaningful opportunity for the mindset transformation of regional heads of the Ministry of Youth across Kenya, anticipating positive changes in Kenyan youth through mind education.

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