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Reverend Dr. Ock Soo Park is the Senior Pastor at the Good News Gangnam Church in Seoul, South Korea, the founder of the International Youth Fellowship (IYF), and the founder of the International Mind Education Institute. His work and experience in youth development, educational initiatives, and counseling have garnered him several honorary doctorate degrees: an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy from Mongolia University, an Honorary Doctorate in Education from Azteca University in Mexico, and an Honorary Doctorate in Theology from Epic Bible College in the U.S.A. Dr. Park is a recipient of multiple awards for his service including the 2017 Africa Excellence Leadership Award in Uganda and the certificate of apprecia- tion from the Police Commission of Seoul in South Korea. He has had the privilege of serving as the religious and education- al advisor to over 25 heads of states.

Dr. Park has authored over 50 sermon, counseling, and mind- set-building books. He credits the invention of his mind edu- cation curriculum to the principles of the heart he studied in the Bible. Dr. Park lectured for the Communist Youth League of China in 2009 on the topic of mindset reform and char- acter-building. The demand for a printed version of his talk spurred the publishing of his first book on mind education, Navigating the Heart, an international best-seller translated in more than 16 languages and has sparked the world’s interest on mind education.

Dr. Park has held annual ministers of youth forums, ministers of education forums, and university chancellor forums since 2011, hosting various governmental luminaries in a formal discussion about youth issues and development. He has been consulted by multiple university presidents and provosts to devise ed- ucational programs that effectively teach and coach healthy mindsets and the spirit of service. Through the first edition of Mind Education: Principles and Case Studies, Dr. Park wishes to provide a thorough and systematic study of the mind to the world.


2021 Honorary Doctorate in Theology, EPIC Bible College, USA

2019 Honorary Doctorate in Theology, Chiapaz Christian University, Mexico

2016 Honorary Doctorate in Education, Azteca University, Mexico

2006 Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy, Mogolia University

1964 Graduated from Shield of Faith Missionary School



2019 Certificate of Appreciation from Prime Minister of Eswatini, Certificate of

Appreciation from Parliament of Lesotho

2019 Plaque of Appreciation from the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education, Thailand

2017 Africa Excellence Leadership Award, Uganda

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