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 International Mind Education Institute

The International Mind Education Institute pursue happiness through mind healing and instilling new minds to of all people around the world.


Founded Background

In 1995, there was a gathering of people who had the will to foster the true pursuit of happiness and a healthy character for the youth. While carrying out ongoing character education for the Korean youths, on July 2012, Ministers from 20 different countries were gathered for the World Youth Ministers Forum, having felt the limitation in “knowledge” of current public education. Thus, a joint declaration was issued suggesting an enforcement for character education. The year after, in 2013, we officially established the “International Mind Education Institute” to make that will into reality. The International Mind Education Institute, which is the world’s first in Character Mind Education, helps the nation’s future, and helps the youths to find their true values and goals in life. We enforce suitable Mind Education in schools, military, enterprises, etc. And also, requests for the lectures are rushing in from abroad; therefore, we hold international education experiences. Currently, character education is spreading fast all over the world.

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