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It is easy to hear about people who have achieved success but suffer from pain and misery in their hearts. Despite facing great difficulties, others enjoy hope, faith, and gratitude. The difference is in the world of the heart.


Dr. Ock Soo Park has researched this difference as a world-renowned educator and speaker. Inspired from six decades of developmental experience in over 90 countries, Dr. Park presents "Mind Education."


As a systematic study of the heart with unprecedented effectiveness and unparalleled practicality, the curriculum strives to change lives through educating people about the world of the heart, which results in the strengthening of the mind.


Mind Education covers essential concepts and solutions to the problems of the heart, such as self-control, deep thinking, connection, and exchange through presentations designed for all ages. 


We specialize in the "heart-strengthening" business. Register today. Let's change the world, one heart at a time.

An exciting and dynamic course of study that systematically and conceptually teaches how to utilize the functions, possibilities, and the power of the human mind.



The secret to leading the youth to become successful leaders of the future. 
Accessible and affordable through an online platform and accompanying textbook, and you’re free to complete it at your own pace.
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