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[Thailand] Special Mind Education for Thai Government Education Representatives

Updated: Dec 4, 2023


From October 9th (Monday) to October 14th (Saturday), a "Special Mind Education for Thai Government Education Representatives" was conducted at the Suwon Center.

The program involved visiting the 77 provinces of Thailand, meeting with governors, and introducing mind education. Following this, mind education was implemented for 500 teachers and school principals. Among the employees who received mind education, 21 visited Korea to have direct discussions and training with the founder.

The participants included education representatives from the Thai government, such as Meta Wint Sarayan, Vice President of Rajapat Pibulsongkram University, professors from Suranaree University of Technology, principals, teachers, and school operation committee members from various schools, including Thiriyamwadompat School, Kluaykianrat Rajcharangsan School, Satharat Chatpatpibul High School, and more.

The special mind education program included mind lectures, mind recreation, case presentations, and discussions. Notably, speakers like Moon Hye-jin, Lee Sang-hoon (father and son), CEO Lee Cheong-geun of Shueols Co., and representatives from Lincoln Middle and High School shared real-life examples of personal, family, business, and school transformations through lectures and field trips.

Professor Piyada Dtantasatwat from Suranaree University said, "Mind education is essential for youth worldwide, especially for Thai youth."

Natchanan Sukchang, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at Pangaodo Education Department, shared a personal story: "I have a daughter who grew up, got married, and faced problems in her family. We hurt each other's feelings. We lost contact, and when she fell ill, she left this world. Not receiving her call recently became a significant source of pain for me. The mind education brought relief and happiness."

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