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[Japan] The 4th Mind Conference


The 4th Annual 2023 Mind Conference in Japan was held from September 18th to 21st at the Tokyo National Olympic Memorial Youth Comprehensive Center.

Mind experts prepared and conducted a mind board game during the conference. Participants formed teams of six members each and, guided by the master, threw dice to answer questions on cards and placards. During this process, they listened to and expressed emotions they didn't know about themselves or each other, empathizing with each other's feelings. It was a time where participants shed tears and shared laughter.

One of the attendees, Nakahira, commented, "Through the Mind board game, I met many team members whom I only knew by face, but didn't know well. However, through the questions, I quickly felt closer to each other and noticed our hearts opening up. During the game, I found myself answering questions I hadn't thought about and learning things about the other person that I didn't know. It felt like getting to know someone I've known for a long time. It was a wonderful time."

Many new participants who attended the event left with a newfound understanding of mind education. It is expected that mind education will continue to have a strong impact across Japan in the future.

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