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[Sri Lanka] 'Family Mind Concert' with Colombo Citizens

Updated: Dec 1, 2023


On the morning of November 18th, a 'Family Mind Concert' was held in Colombo. With the active support of the Minister of Home Affairs, Ashoka, a hall accommodating over 300 seats became available. This event was a precious time for attendees, featuring diverse performances, mindfulness activities, and inspirational talks that awakened sentiments towards their families.

(Speech by the Minister of Home Affairs)

Following was a session of 'Mindfulness.' Members responsible for societal issues personally descended into the audience to engage attendees with questions. Participants had the opportunity to answer questions ranging from simple queries like, "What is your parents' favorite food?" to more profound reflections like, "If you had only one year left to live, and 10 million rupees, what dream would you pursue?" Through these questions, participants reflected on how well they knew their families, whether they were indifferent, and also had a moment to confirm their parents' love. Subsequently, they watched touching videos, fostering a time to feel the love of their parents.

Instructor Kim Soo-yeon emphasized that whether on a personal, familial, or societal level, unhappiness often arises from a lack of communication. However, when the causes of disconnection are identified, and hearts are connected, trust grows, and hope, happiness, peace, and joy fill the heart. From that point on, the eyes of the heart open, and life transforms towards a new world.

-Interview with participants-

"Today's event was genuinely enjoyable. I feel a much stronger bond with my father. I know he's going through tough times, and I want to know how he is. I just want to be a good son and provide a much better family than this. So, the concert was very helpful for me to learn more about myself, to realize what I need to do, what I need to change. I know my parents are proud of me, and I hope I can change myself even more." - Derek (19)

"Today's program was very important, and I felt it was useful. We learned how we should treat our parents, how to open their hearts, and how to get closer and live. Even though it was a short time, we had a moment to reflect on our lives. So, today's Family Mind Concert was a very valuable time." - Vanduni (22)

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