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[Eswatini] Meeting with the Prime Minister of Eswatini

Updated: Dec 1, 2023


A meeting with the newly appointed Prime Minister of Eswatini, Russell Dlamini, has been successfully conducted. During this recent audience with the king, Prime Minister Russell received direct instructions on the implementation of mindfulness education. Consequently, detailed discussions took place on specific strategies for carrying out mind education.

Prime Minister Russell instructed the Minister of Education to establish mind education courses within the national education curriculum center within the next six months. He proposed concrete plans to educate teachers for the implementation of mindfulness education in primary and secondary schools. Additionally, he expressed a desire to conduct mindfulness education for government officials, aiming to bring about substantial changes in organizational culture and cultivate healthy government employees. He further outlined plans to request the implementation of mindfulness education during government workshops held after the appointment of cabinet ministers, expressing significant expectations for the impact of mind education.

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