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[Cameroon] Mind Education for High-ranking Officials in Cameroon's Ministry of Youth

Updated: Dec 1, 2023


A special "Mind Education for High-ranking Officials in Cameroon's Ministry of Youth" took place at the Suwon Center from October 29th to November 4th. The Minister of Youth in Cameroon, who recognized the importance of mind education during the World Youth Ministers Forum held in South Korea in July, sent 25 high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Youth to South Korea for this special mind education. The delegation included Awah Pascal Kum, Technical Adviser to the Minister of Youth, Halidou Sadjo, Education Officer, BA'ANA ZIBI epse MEVOUA Ginette Christiane, Regional Education Team Leader, Director of Youth Employment Promotion Office, and Regional Education Investigator.

Henrietta Choupi Engong, Communication Officer for the Ministry of Youth, expressed, "Individual transformation leads to national change. We hope that true mind education, changing the fundamental hearts of people, will take place for students in Cameroon."

Joseph Y. Tomo, Technical Adviser and Director of Elementary Education at the Ministry of Youth, remarked, "With no resources, Korea has achieved everything through a change in mindset. Cameroon, with abundant resources, shows hope for remarkable transformation with the implementation of mind. Education is the foundation of this country. I want to return to Cameroon, write a report, and work to promote mindfulness education for students."

With 60% of the population being youth, the aspiration is for mindfulness education to be disseminated to all Cameroonian youth, fostering healthy growth and development.

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